Outdoor Family Adventures   is a non-profit  FAITH BASED environmental education organization. We schedule and host wonderful events  for the whole family. All you have to do is come prepared for fun in the outdoors with your family, we’ll take care of the rest. No scouting or outdoor experience is necessary. We plan events on our calendar that are open to all members of our organization. We offer many free events and low cost activities supported by the generous donations of sponsors and members.

We were featured in the Summer Edition of  The Baldwin County Living Magazine 2010.

Winners of the Chris Myers Nissan Extra Mile Award

We are fun with a purpose!


Register for our email updates to access to our calendar.

Pay $40  a year as an Outdoor Adventure Team Member and attend exclusive Adventure Team  Member only events !!

We host an Introduction to a wide range of outdoor activities (such as fishing, canoeing, wildlife exploring,bird watching, boating trips) depending on the  location of our event or activity and the available facilities during whatever  the season of  the year.
Best of all, no experience is necessary and you get all the help and advice you need from highly skilled outdoor naturalist , trained volunteers and guides.

Our events are about  having fun outdoors with your family and learning from our environmental educators, at the same time sharing the importance of  the preservation and conservation of  nature . We are the prescription given by local doctors to prevent nature-deficit disorder in our children. We get children outside and away from the electronics that rob them of sunshine.

We offer NO-CHILD LEFT INSIDE activities for the entire family to enjoy.

Activities Include:

Day trips serving 6 to 130 people
Fun activities for kids, from toddlers to teens
Accessible for adults and youth with disabilities
Activity options include canoeing, kayaking, hiking, biking, dog park days, tots and trikes events, camping, sailing, and horseback riding.
If this sounds like something your family  would love to be a part of , register as a new member and sign up on our login link. Choose from an existing destination, or work with us to design an adventure trip that meets your family’s needs, or  allow us to host your church, scout or corporate group activity. Most of our  trips are fully accessible and young children, people with disabilities, and seniors are encouraged to come.

Our family program host some events that are directed towards families with disabled children or loved ones. We try to always describe the handicapped accessibility levels of all our events. We want all families to be able to enjoy our program. Not all of our events are easy for the disabled to participate in, our goal is to inform you well on the limits of the area we have scheduled an event  or activity .

*These events are open to people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities. We are proud to be a  family ministry for lower Alabama

To view the full details of an event  on our  public calendar  and get the  time of  the event  you must register on our email list and provide contact information.
We ask for a donation of  $40.00  per family per year to be an active Outdoor Adventure Team Member and attend EXCLUSIVE Team Member events  during the year.

Safety is paramount.

Everyone who participates in any group event is responsible for their own safety. In short this means:

Wearing the right clothing
Using the right equipment
Having the right fitness
Following the right protocol
Informing others of medical conditions
Knowing basic first aid, having first aid kit
Knowing what to expect in advance
Asking for advice and information in advance
Not engaging in dangerous activities
Not endangering the safety of others
Behaving appropriately towards others
Respecting the advice of experienced people

Bring your family and join us for any of our wonderful activities we host right here along the coast. Here is just a small list of our planned activities. You will need to become a member to have access to our calendar of events and be able to take part in the family fun.

1. Participate in the beach turtle study by  participating in  a mock nest excavation and learn about the sea turtles in our area.

2. Attend our boat tours as we observe dolphins right here along our coastal waters and see them in the natural habitat they live in.
3. An annual  full weekend camping trip  for two nights and one full day of activities for our families. 4. Multiple one night camp outs Of course we have our well known smores party before bed time  at each Camp out event. 5. Hike with us on our many great  morning, or 1/2 day hikes with a guide leading us on educational adventures through local trails along our coast. 6. Bring your bike or trike and hit some of the best bike routes as we enjoy the great cool weather. 7. Bird watching activities our families enjoy with  a well educated bird specialist leading us on birding adventures during the migration seasons. 8. Take a family adventure and learn about the new fun and educational activity of geocacheing. Use GPS location and compasses to travel and follow clues as families visit local parks  in our adventure. This is usually a full day activity . 9. Canoe safari trips are a big fun 1/2  day activity .  We also host  the “canoe with your  tent”  campout adventure. This is a great activity. 10. Travel to our local museums and outdoor gardens along our coast. Find some gardens not known to the public and observe the beauty in flowers. This is a wonderful family Ministry of North Baldwin Christian Academy. We are so proud to be an encouragement to families and host events which strengthen the  family Unity. Our goal is to make family time an opportunity to share God’s Creation and all that is in it, While building fond memories for parents and children to cherish. Exodus 20:11 King James Version (KJV)
  11 For in six days the LORD made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that in them is, and rested the seventh day: wherefore the LORD blessed the Sabbath day, and hallowed it
Must request a membership to access the complete calendar of events

Outdoor Family Adventures is a family ministry made up of Christian families, We reserve the right to deny membership to any person or entity.  Our mission in the program is to promote God in all that he  created and  to teach the stewardship of nature.

Outdoor Family Adventures of South Alabama is an organization that… schedules the activities for your family,  We offer …outdoor fun with education, We host events that are cheaper than family movie night.

Are you ready to escape the busy cycle of life and enjoy family fun, relaxation and adventure? Does the mere thought of another family trip to a noisy amusement park suddenly bring on a throbbing headache? Are you ready for a family vacation that doesn’t leave you feeling like you need a second one to recuperate? Outdoor Family Adventures has the solutions for your family trip woes.

Forget the high-priced vacations and theme parks and get back to the roots of a simpler life in rural Alabama.

Goals and Objectives of  the Outdoor Family Adventures Program
Teach traditional outdoor skills in a relaxed and pressure-free environment
Promote family-oriented recreation
Teach responsible use of city, county, state and federal parks
Lead novice families in a genuine camping experience
Encourage volunteer teaching and sharing of experiences by local outdoor enthusiasts.
Promote healthy, active lifestyles for families
Environmental Education and stewardship of our natural resources in our area.
We make having fun outdoors with your family affordable.




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