Outdoor Family Adventures is the outdoor club of the North Baldwin Christian Academy homeschoool organization.

If you ever want  to know about homeschooling and the learning environment offered today just visit our website and see what the baldwin county homeschool community is able to offer you and your family.


Publicity Policy

The North Baldwin Christian Academy reaches the homeschool community through  local media for the residents of Baldwin County. Monthly articles and photo’s of past activities are published. Participation in our homeschool activities  and our Outdoor Adventure program means you accept this publicity policy .

The North Baldwin Christian Academy group reaches the homeschool community through the homeschool-life website, our yahoo site,  and through occasional local media coverage (primarily newspaper).  Occasionally children’s names may be mentioned for recognition purposes in the newspaper or on the news if opportunity arises.  Photos on the website public pages will not disclose any personal  information.    Participation in our club activities means you accept this publicity policy. Participation in our Outdoor Family Adventures program means you understand that your photos taken during our activities with Outdoor Family Adventures will be published on our Blog, our Website , our facebook page and local media . If you want to opt out of  having your photos published you must write a letter stating that fact. This is our publicity policy for North Baldwin Christian Academy and our Outdoor Family Adventures program.


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